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Thanks to its textile coating, the hallux-valgus cushion can be positioned optimally on the ball of the foot for quick, lasting pain relief.

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The toe protector is pulled over the pressure point on the affected toe together with the silicon pad. Also offers very good pressure protection with hammer toes.

Published in Silicone Products

Bunion protection against pressure and friction on little toe. Thin but very effective with comfortable toe ring. The special design of the gel shell adjusts perfectly to the foot without any need for application.

Washable by hand. Can be worn left or right.

Published in Silicone Products

The heel pad is a beneficial heel cushion to alleviate pain while standing and walking.

Adapts well to individual shoe form.

Heel holders for better grip inside the shoe. After removing the heel holder foil, glue into the inside heel-piece of the shoe.

Please note: Use a shoe-horn when aputting on the shoe.

Material: Leather with foam padding.

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The forefoot pad protects the foot sole from pressure pain and prevents skin soreness. Helps to prevent formation of corns and callosity. Slip the rubber loop over the second toe and place the forefoot pad with the foam rubber side against the sole.

Material: Latex foam, perforated with rubber loop and foam pad.

Half-sole with soft cushion for the forefoot

Material: Latex foam, perforated

Toe pads help alleviate pain by reducing pressure from deformed toes. The narrow side points towards the small toe. The rubber loops, which are slipped over the middle toe, ensure a secure grip.

Material: Elastic foam covered with soft leather.

Toe protectors help to alleviate pain from in growing and deformed toenails, sore toes and corns.

Material: Soft foam

Non-allergenic Poly-foam. Relives friction and pressure. Aids moisture control. Helpful when treating infection. Wear underfoot with spacers between toes. Wear atop the toes when painting your nails.

Material: Foam

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