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Brötje Schaumtechnik Brötje Schaumtechnik GmbH & Co.KG

Founded in 1960 and based in the north part of Germany, Brötje is one of the leading moulded latex foam producers in the world. The Company produces only order related. All moulds, from the sample mould through to the production mould, are made in-house. A worldwide unique, fully automatically production plant produces all kinds of high-quality pads.

The Product-Line

In cooperation with orthopedic experts, we developed a special product-range for the medical shoe and insole-production. We provide pads in three different shore-qualities for Arch-support, Metatarsal Pads, Toe Grips, Ball Cushions, Heel Pads, Heel Edge Pads, Ankle Pads, Cap Pads, Trimming Strips and also different types of semi finished Insoles. Easy to handle, they are all very useful to make the day's work easier and save precious time.

Brötje Baukastensystem   

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