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Foot and Toe Protection

Foot and Toe Protection (14)

We offer a wide range of Quality-Products for effective foot and toe protection

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Silicone Products

Silicone Products (21)

Silicone products are particularly pleasant and kind to the skin and they fit easily to the part of the foot, which is treated.

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Pelottes and Wedges for Production

Pelottes and Wedges for Production (5)

We offer you a wide variety of pelottes and wedges, in different optimized shapes and with high-quality materials and covers.

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Leg-Length Differences & Foot Malposition

Leg-Length Differences & Foot Malposition (5)

The Insoles for Leg-Length Differences and Foot Malpositions produced by Gärtner are handmade of high-quality materials and in several wedge heights.

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Bandages (7)

Gärtner Bandages are very effective and produced in a very heigh and stable quality.

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Prefabricated Insoles

Prefabricated Insoles (6)

Due to the fine selection of natural and high-quality materials, the Gärtner Insoles provide an beneficial support for feet, muscles and ligaments.

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Semi Finished Insoles

Semi Finished Insoles (6)

We offer semi-finished insoles with thermoplastic materials. Thanks to their structure, molded to different densities and forms, they help to correct a wide variety of problems and conditions.

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